• Q: Does Man-pro only supply Thai workers?
  • A: We mainly supply the most qualified Thai employees but we do have associated offices in many different countries to provide the most qualified and suitable
  • personal at your requirements.
  • Q: What category of personnel do you supply?
  • A: We provide all – round services but specialized in construction industry such as Oil&Gas plant, Marine construction, Infrastructure, Heavy civil works
  • and etc. The other parts of our Manpowering includes Agricultural works, Hotel&restaurant.
  • Q: How long does the total process take the workers to be at hire?
  • A: This normally takes 2-3 weeks after receiving the visas from host country.
  • Q: What are the mandatory documents required to complete to recruitment process in Thailand?
  • A: There are Four documents to be attested by the Thai embassy or consulate office at the host country.
    1. Demand Letter
    2. Power of Attorney
    3. Standard Employment contract
    4. Company registration of employer
  • Q: Do you provide pre-orientation or training program to your selected personnel before departure?
  • A: Pre-orientation is mandatory and provided by the Ministry of Labor while we normally apply a workability enhancement program to selected positions assure
  • of there quality of work.


  • Q: Do you provide after recruitment services?
  • A: We keep close coordinations with employers to assist the troubleshooting of our selected personnel in small details such as sending foods,magazines,
  • musics, to encourage to quality of living.